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Marcello Barenghi is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Milan (Italy). In the 80’s he discovered coloured pencils, but he felt the need to find out a different technique that would allow him to cover large areas, shading and avoid the grainy look of colored pencils.
He also began learning the techniques of tempera, watercolors and clay modeling. In 1985, the discovery of airbrush allowed him to improve the texture of his illustrations.

In those years, he was fascinated by Derek Riggs, the legendary illustrator of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden; for several years he worked on the figure of Eddie The Head and on his way to represent it.
In the late ’80s, while attending the school “Art and message” in Milan, “he met” other artists who influenced his education; for their technique and vision: Hajime Sorayama and his chrome robot, Tanino Liberatore and his Ranxerox, the Eleuteri Serpieri and his Druna, Richard Corben and Simon Bisley. He considers the style and the visual power of Tim Burton, author and director of unforgettable images, environments and architectures as very close to his ideal beauty.

You can read more about him and his work on his website.

Tutorial on how he draws.