http://nlaschool.org/za/ is a small school based in Strand in the Western Cape, South Africa. NLA was formerly known as Mills Street Art School. The school provides individual schooling to those whose potential is not being realised in mainstream schools.  In the informal and creative environment students that caters for each students individual needs, allows students that would otherwise not have achieved their full potential to blossom.  To see more about NLA go to our website.

This Blog is a supplementary site for our Visual and Design students, especially for the Matrics preparing for the Matric exams. All the subjects we have to cover in both Design and Visual Arts Theory will be updated as we progress through the curriculum.

Check out useful links for your projects. Here is also a great link for Memory Strategies and Test Preparation

For those who still groans and ask how is Visual Arts Theory and Design Theory of any use, read:

Why Should I study Art History?

These subjects will enrich the rest of your life, no matter what direction you want to go in. 

Good Luck with the last year of school!

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