Australian Environmental Artist John Dahlsen

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Design - Green Designers
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His diverse body of artwork includes driftwood sculptures, totem poles made from beach reclaimed flip-flop shoes, discarded Coke bottles, ocean buoys, and ocean reshaped plastic object assemblages, paintings and filmmaking. His award winning, critically acclaimed art has been featured in numerous art shows, museums and galleries around the world.  A regular on the international lecture and teaching circuit, Dahlsen has also organised environmental art shows around the globe, to further not only an appreciation of art but also to foster consideration for how we (mis)treat the environment.

Interview With John Dahlsen

Rope and Plastic Totem by John Dahlsen. Contemporary environmental art sculpture. Totem made from found nylon ropes and plastic. Abstract recycled art created from rope and plastic collected from Australian beaches.

This video is an in-depth study on the Australian Environmental Artist John Dahlsen’s visual art practice. It was shown on National Television on the ABC arts show.

Lennox by John Dahlsen. Contemporary environmental art wall work, made from found plastic objects, assembled behind perspex. Semi-abstract/Landscape, recycled art created from plastics collected from Australian beaches.

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