AfrikaBurn Installations- Tankwa

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Art Enrichment
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Installation art describes an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. Generally, the term is applied to interior spaces, whereas exterior interventions are often called Land art.

Installation art came to prominence in the 1970s but its roots can be identified in earlier artists such as Marcel Duchamp and his use of the readymade and Kurt Schwitters’ Merzart objects, rather than more traditional craft based sculpture. Its roots lie in the conceptual art of the 1960s where the artisis’ intention is all important. This is a departure from traditional sculpture which places its focus on form. Early non-Western installation art includes events staged by the Gutai group (means”Embodiment”) in Japan starting in 1954, which influenced American installation pioneers like Allan KaprowWolf Vostell. (Ref)

The installations at AfrikaBurn usually have quite a short lifetime and with the huge amount of effort that is put into the planning, fundraising, building and eventual burning of these art pieces. Started in 2007, AfrikaBurn takes place in the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Africa Burn

Sculpture (Photo by Photokatz)


Photo Keith Shirlaw

The theme for AfrikaBurn 2013 was ‘Archetypes’  with themed camps, mutant vehicles, colourful costume, and

Also see a Time lapse of AfricaBurn 2013

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