Scent in Art

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Art Enrichment

Perfumery Tools

Smell has this reputation of being somewhat different for each person. It’s not really true. Perfumery shows you that can’t be true, because if it were like that it wouldn’t be an art.” (Luca Turin)

In the history it is possible to trace olfactive stimuli inside art works and olfactory pathways were created by the hands of skilled gardeners, but in this chapter I want to show a collection of art works in which it was used the sense of smell with a digression from the beginning of the twentieth century to the early twenty-first century.

The representation of the perfume in art has seen his declaration in Futurist Manifesto: the praise of the dynamism of life in industrial society and machines. In the ”Manifesto of sounds, noises, smells” signed by Charles Carre in 1910, and Filippo Marinetti in 1912, they declared the full activation of perception: in the pictures there…

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