Prehistoric Art of Lascaux

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Paleothic Art
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Prehistory of Art – Lascaux – great documentary to give insight into Lascaux caves and paintings.

Prehistoric Europeans. People Who Invented Art

Prehistoric Art: Part 1 of 2

The cave drawings were found by archaeologist Marc Azema and French artist Florent Rivere, who suggest that Paleolithic artists who lived as long as 30,000 years ago used animation effects on cave walls, which explains the multiple heads and limbs on animals in the drawings. The images look superimposed until flickering torch-light is passed over them, giving them movement and creating a brief animation.

“Lascaux is the cave with the greatest number of cases of split-action movement by superimposition of successive images. Some 20 animals, principally horses, have the head, legs or tail multiplied,” Azéma said.

From Universal Spectrum Forum

  1. Cave painting 101?

    I’ve been looking for a sort of “color wheel” swatches showing the range of actual hues present (throughout the painted caves of Western Europe). Granted, they vary in time and location, but I’m trying to build a basic general “cave palette” I can replicate with modern materials (both media and grounds to mimic the stone) but it’s hard to productively dig through the huge wealth of photos scattered across the net for samples. (Fun in it’s own right and I’ve spent a fair amount of time doing it, but focused an appreciating the art itself rather than specific research in this. . .) This is helpful – I wasn’t aware of the violet – and informed me also that any such palette whould include a filtered version for the effects of torchlight.

  2. Nice. I couldn’t find a good site for the rock art there, but simply using Google Images “cederberg rock art” brings up tons – and some definite elements for an alternate palette.

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